How to Decorate your home when selling during the holiday season

By Jesse Chidwick

People looking at houses during the cold weather months are typically very serious buyers, so although things outside may be cooling down the winter is still a great time to put your home on the market!  Because there are less houses on the market, you won’t be competing with your neighbours making it a great time to sell.

So how do you walk the line during these merry months and let the holiday spirit flow without turning off buyers? Use these tips on how to decorate your house when selling during the holidays and you might be opening up an offer on Christmas day!

  1. 1. Fit the style of your home – If you have a modern home, make sure your decoration flow with this vibe and complement your palette

2. Don’t over decorate the outside – Skip trying to compete with the Griswold’s from Christmas Vacation this year and keep the outdoor lights to a minimum this year.

3. Keep your Christmas tree clean and simple – Try to minimize the amount of ornaments and don’t put up the sentimental ones this year.  If you have a  real tree, ensure the pine needles are swept up prior to showings. Your also don’t want to have your tree taking up too much precious space in your living room, this could be making the room look much smaller than it is.


​4. Don’t display holiday greeting cards – Similar to having family photos out, these are seen as distractions that prevent buyers from “seeing” themselves living in your home.


5. If presents are displayed, keep these to a minimum as well as they too can overwhelm the space.

Wrapping Christmas gifts

6. Curb appeal counts – This one is a big one! Make sure you have a shovelled driveway and walkway ensuring it is clear of snow and ice.  Your home will negatively show if the potential buyers cant make it to the front door safely.

7. Declutter – If your home is already cluttered, adding holiday decor will just add to the overcrowding.  Declutter your home and keep the decor to a minimum.  Less is more this season

8. Accentuate the positive.  You can use holiday decorations to draw the buyers attention to your homes best features.

9. Choose scents over scenes – Use candles and scented soaps to set the holiday tone rather than decorations.