Reasons To Upgrade To a Smart Home

By Jesse Chidwick

Smart home technology has been all the rage as of late and is truly unparalleled in simplifying day-to-day tasks.  In fact, 5.8 million Canadians regularly used a smart speaker in 2019 – a 51.2-per-cent increase from the previous year, according to eMarketer. Any home can be made smart today. From entertainment, lifestyle to safety features, your daily routine can be enhanced and peace of mind can be provided.

Here are some great reasons why you should upgrade to a smart home:

  1. 1. Safety and security

    With smart home technology, you have the ability to monitor your home from wherever you, making it one of its biggest benefits. You can automatically get notifications about intruders and water leaks to name a few through sensors in the devices. Peace of mind is the number one priority in todays consumers.

2. Convenience and customization
With a simple tap on your phone, you can lock your doors, turn the thermostat on or start your morning coffee while in your home or on the road! You can streamline your families day-to-day with customized programs and before you know it your daily routines just got that much easier. Most devices are even becoming handsfree making things that much more convenient

3. Ease and expansion
You can now make virtually anything in your home equipped with smart technology from smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to garage door openers.  Installation, connectivity and integration across devices is getting easier as well! The centralized control means you don’t have to go from room to room or remote to remote, everything is controlled through one device.

​4. Energy efficiency and cost savings
This may be the biggest advantage to most homeowners.  With the ability to turn off lights and control your thermostat remotely, smart devices allow you to drastically save your money.  You can track your usage and consumption to find ways to further reduce your energy expenditures. A study by Nest showed their Smart Thermostat can save annually from 10%-12% on heating and 15% on cooling as it adapts to your needs.

5. Increased property value
Consumer Reports states that homes with Smart Technology may command up to 5% greater market value than comparable homes lacking these upgrades.  As time progresses, smart home are becoming more and more desirable by home buyers. Incorporating these devices into your home now provides value twofold: Making things easier today and adding value tomorrow!