The One Home Maintenance Duty We All Forget About

By Michelle Moon

We all know that you should clean your lint screen after every load of laundry. Doing so allows for shorter drying cycles, saves your hard earned money and prevents fire hazards. But did you know that there is a few more things you should be doing to keep up with the regular maintenance of your dryer to make sure its working safely and efficiently?

At east twice a year, more often if you’re able to, you should remove the lint that accumulates at the bottom of the housing that holds your lint screen. By using the flat attachment on your vacuum cleaner you can reach down in the housing to clean up any link that has gotten stuck and accumulated there.

Twice a year, you should also be cleaning out your dryers exhaust duct using a dryer duct cleaning brush. This is a stiff bristles circular brush with a flexible handle that can be purchased at any hardware store. The exhaust duct vents your dryers exhaust to the outside of your house and can become a fire hazard if not kept clear. If you want to avoid this dusty duty, there are regular service plans that can take care of this for you!