10 Most Popular Home Renovations During the Pandemic

By Michelle Moon

With a lot of us spending more time at home in the last year, there has been a significant increase in home renovations. From a small paint touch up to revamping your whole kitchen, it has all been done! We want to share with you the 10 most popular home renovations that have been happening during the pandemic!  

Exterior Painting

  1. Painting the exterior of your home can be an extremely tedious & time consuming task. But, with some of us having all this extra time at home, it has also increased in popularity over the months!

    Choosing an exterior paint colour can also be very challenging. Some colour trends in 2021 are:

  2. -Warm Creamy Whites
    -Pale Grey
    -Dark Grey 

  3. It is always safe to have a neutral colour for the exterior of your home. This will allow you to add some accent colours of your choice to the surroundings such as the trim, doors, gardens, etc.


Beautiful Modern Fence Design Ideas


You might think you spent more time at home in the last year, but so have most people! Including your neighbours..

In the popular seasons like spring & summer, you want to feel like you have some sort of privacy in your outdoor space. In the last 12 months, there has been a 16% increase in people building fences. 


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Kitchen renovations are already among one of the most popular renovation projects for home owners. In most modern kitchens now adays you will find they use light & bright colours/shades with an open concept feel. 

In particular, dual islands are now becoming a popular trend for 2021. Why have one when you can have two? Some are saying that having dual islands can create a better flow & efficiency for a busy cook.

Another option is to just have a two-tiered island. In a smaller kitchen setting, some will find having a two-tiered island is the best option. By adding that higher level to use with barstools, this will create a bit of extra space to keep your guests/family members seperate from your food preperation.

Why Have One Kitchen Island When You Can Have a Double Kitchen Island_ _ Hunker


For some, a bathroom can be a very important space. It is where you get ready for your day & where you end your day before bed. It is a space where you do your self care routine. Especially in lockdown mode, a routine is extremely important to have!

Modern farmhouse master bathroom renovation (1)

Home Office​

As many people have been working from home, having a home office has become a huge trend . A home office needs to be a comfortable area where you feel inspired & motivated.

Even if you do not have a dedicated home office, you can still create a separate work space. Sometimes it is a little difficult to find the motivation to start working from home. Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a tiny corner, creating some sort of work environment/home office will do wonders for your motivation & energy. 

Interior Painting


No suprise’s here. Painting has been one of the top trends for 2020-2021. Painting is seen as one of the more budget friendly renovations. Considering most of us have been stuck inside the house, why not make your walls a little more interesting to look at!

DIY Brush Stroke Wall Tutorial

Outdoor Spaces/Landscaping

Outdoor spaces have also become a popular trend along with landscaping. We have combined the two because they are so simular. Majority of people opted to install a deck, patio, firepit & so much more to get that backyard oasis feel. Doing as much as putting in a garden to add some colour, hanging some lights, adding some different landscaping features can all go a long way. 

There is lots of DIY & cost effective ways to turn your backyard into an entertainment space for you & your family



Having a roof redone has been on the top of some peoples to do list for awhile. 

There has been a lot of downsides to being in and out of lockdown. To look at it in a positive note, this has given so many people time to go through there house & see what is important to get done. We get so caught up in work & life, sometimes home maintenance gets pushed aside.